Social Media Marketing

With your social media channels now impacting your SEO, cultivating your customers through the social networks they frequent most is mission critical. We will help you deliver a powerful message that strengthens  your sales channels, improves your SEO and increases  the engagement of your audience. Let’s put together a plan and socialize.

Marrying Social Media and Public Relations

Social media is a hot topic when discussing public relations and improving brand identity in the marketplace. Many items are being launched, marketed, and monitored through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. Aggressive and results-oriented PR Firms know how to combine public relations with social media to maximize their marketing efforts.

Facebook Management

Facebook is the leading global social network with over 1 billion members and it requires daily community engagement. Your Facebook page management should lead you to more network connections, higher web traffic and stronger brand reach. MBA will help you use Facebook insights and reporting to maximize your presence on the world’s largest social media channel.  Services include:

Twitter Management

Twitter allows for real-time, quick responses to customers, followers and fans.  Max Borges Agency will manage your Twitter presence to develop a targeted group of people who can be used to share and sell your brand’s message.  Services include:

LinkedIn Management

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for reaching influential and affluent business professionals.   Whether your target audience includes decision-makers at target retailers, IT professionals within specific industries, store employees at current retailers or even job applicants, the agency will devise a strategy to achieve your goals. Our social media team will generate awareness with this audience through tailored content, targeted LinkedIn advertising and sponsorships.

  • B2B Social Media
  • Lead Generation
  • LinkedIn Advertising Management
  • Discussion Forums
  • Thought Leadership


Content is KING.  Compelling website and blog content is critical to becoming a social media powerhouse and SEO champion.  We employ writers who are experts at content creation and will aid your company in creating a blog that can be populated with articles to target online influencers.  Great content can then become the foundation in your quest to be a true thought-leader within your industry.

  • Content Strategy
  • Link-Baiting
  • Creative Content
  • Thought-Leadership
  • Infographics
  • Content Distribution

Pinterest Management

The ability to pin great media hits, new products and interesting press to your followers is great, but unlocking the SEO and web traffic capabilities from the popular site is even better. Let MBA help you better understand the advantages of Pinterest and craft a strategy that makes sense for your brand.

  • Manage Pinterest Boards
  • SEO Strategy
  • Community Management

Social Media Partnerships

Social Partnerships increase your organic traffic. Leverage these relationships carefully to show affiliate partners the true power of your social media efforts. MBA will help your brand identify affiliate partners that have a strong social following and craft a mutually beneficial campaign that will increase page growth.

  • Retail Partnerships
  • Media Partnerships
  • Affiliate Partnerships

Community Management

Your company is a source of great information for those interested in your industry, and social media is your megaphone. We can help you supply unique, shareable content to those in your social space, creating advocates for your brand and amplifying your brand messaging.

Custom Facebook Apps

Like to stand out? We will help you create a truly unique Facebook experience for the 900+ million people on Facebook by generating custom developed experiences that keep users engaged in your brand.   From promotions to full Facebook shopping pages, our development team can help to create the right image for your brand.

Check out our Custom Facebook App case studies on V-MODA, Wahoo Fitness and Wicked Audio.

News Amplification

Good news about your company is great, good news that is shared by the masses is better. We can help you use social media to drive traffic towards your positive reviews and important announcements.


Businesses always ask if they really need a blog. Yes, you do. Blogs enable companies to assert their expertise, personality and corporate culture online.  In addition to quality products and services, consumers buy from brands they admire and cultures they can associate with.  Our team can help you create unique, sharable content that will build your website traffic, SEO-building  inbound links and ultimately fuel the conversation about your brand.

Target Influencers

If you want to become part of the conversation, get all the cool kids to talk about you. We can help you build public relationships with the key people and organizations that should be talking about you.  Being associated with these influencers can have a massive effect on the size and interaction levels of your network.  We can monitor key forums and employee a number of strategies that generate buzz.

Content Aggregation

Build links back to your unique content by sharing it with the appropriate audience. MBA will help you harness the attention of the masses by placing you in front of all the right eyes on Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon and others.

Social Media Metrics and Reporting

Don’t let anyone tell you social media can’t be measured.  We monitor our clients’ accounts diligently and each month provide a comprehensive report analyzing fans & followers, sentiment, engagement and the past month’s most effective campaigns and strategies.  This ensures our campaign is always evolving with the ever-changing social media landscape.  We will break down the metrics provided by Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms in order to consistently improve interaction, click-throughs, cost-per-fan acquisition costs and of course fans.

  • Facebook Insights
  • Twitter Farming
  • Klout

Social Graphics

Your product isn’t boring, so your social presence shouldn’t be either.  The agency will create a unique look and feel for your social pages, making navigation of your social media presence seamless for new and returning users.

Check out our Social Graphics case study on Vogel’s.

Future-Proofing and Emerging Network Management

Social media is changing every day, so we constantly search for fresh and creative new ways to use these platforms (and ones that don’t exist yet) to reach your target audiences and turbo-charge your existing marketing and social media initiatives.

  • Kickstarter Campaigns
  • New and Emerging Social Platforms
  • Custom Mobile Applications